Hotel Centrum Bolesławiec ul. Asnyka 1, 59-700 Bolesławiec, Polska
What can we do in Bolesławiec?

What can we do in Bolesławiec?

  • Visit the museum where, apart from valuable ceramics of Bolesławiec, also postcards, documents, dishes and coins are gathered.
  • Buy local ceramic ware.
  • Travel across cycling trails, such as “Szlak miedzi i kamienia” (“Copper and stone trail”).
  • Go for a walk on the teaching path “Foest at ul. Piastów in Bolesławiec” (almost 2 km). Seven educational stops, a neogothic watchtower and a place for rest with a hearth.
  • Sports and recreation amateurs can use a stadium, tennis courts, and a roofed swimming-pool with a spa. 
  • A roofed ice rink, located 150m from our hotel is available from November to March.


ul. Asnyka 1, 59-700 Bolesławiec

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