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‘Orka’ Aquapark

‘Orka’ Aquapark

In the ‘Orka’ Aquapark of Bolesławiec, in the pool part, apart from the sports pool of the dimensions of 25m x 16m, there is also a recreational part which can be used by children and whole families. The recreational pool of the water surface area of approx. 200 m2 and depth from 0.9 m to 1.3 m, is equipped with two water geysers, two massage water cannons, five massaging air beds, a water cascade and a water carousel, the so-called wild river which works alternately with the waterfall. At the pool, there is also a flat, wide and short family slide and we invite parents with their children to use it. For children who would like to learn to swim, there is a place with 3 pool courses of the length of 12.5 m. Next to the recreational swimming pool there is a paddling pool of the surface of 25 m2 and the depth of approx. 30 cm, equipped with swimming-pool attractions for children (a fountain, a waterfall, a small slide).

Those who prefer lower motor activity, can relax in two jacuzzis located in a peaceful and discrete place. Each jacuzzi provides space for a maximum of 8 persons. Next to the recreational swimming pool, there is a bar-cafe where, without leaving the swimming-pool part, one can buy snacks and drinks.

Distance from the Hotel: 350m


ul. Asnyka 1, 59-700 Bolesławiec

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